About Us

The current private INTERNATIONAL English-medium secondary schooling options are limited on the island and there are none on the west coast. As a result, many children are travelling sometimes up 2 hours a day to reach those schools mostly found in town or further away.

The schooling shortage needed to be addressed urgently, this is why we have established a local private International secondary school, namely Westcoast International Secondary School (WISS).


As a private English-medium school, Westcoast International Secondary School commits to provide a challenging, engaging and internationally-minded education in world-class facilities, to guide our students in becoming active citizens in a fast changing world.

Aims and ideals

As signified by our school logo, Ad Vitam Paramus, the school aims to prepare our students for life.

The current private English-medium secondary schooling options are limited on the island and there are none on the Western coast. As a result, many children travel for long hours to reach the current ones. Our founding aim was to address this schooling shortage.

In doing so, we aim to found a school where teaching and learning are enjoyable, exciting and enriching to all. We want to create a secure environment where cultural diversity and religions, tolerance and discipline are part and parcel of a hands-on approach to education.

It is a fact that new generations of citizens need to be educated with the skills to solve global environmental problems we face. WISS aims to teach our students environmental and health values that will shape their personality for life. The school aims to provide opportunities to develop learners that are critical, open -minded, creative, self-confident, civic-conscious and scientifically inclined.

The school embodies a holistic approach to a child’s learning and development in accordance with the most important recent research findings. A cornerstone of this philosophy is providing a child with the skills and tools for coping with life’s many challenges in the 21st century. Thus, the school setting is an open, spacious and relaxed atmosphere where children are stretched mentally, socially and physically without losing discipline, respect and care for themselves and others.

The little leaf with a smiling face peeking out from behind in Westcoast International Primary School logo represents nature and children that need to be cared for and nurtured. This leaf is now growing.

The tree in Westcoast International Secondary School logo symbolises both the flourishing of the environment that we will promote so that our students acquire that “green” awareness, and the flourishing of our students who will develop into free, happy and responsible human beings prepared for tertiary studies and/or ready to take the path into adulthood.

Ad Vitam Paramus means preparing for life.

Policies and Handbook

All school information and documents are available to parents and students and can be found on our Managebac portal.


Westcoast International Secondary School welcomes applications from skilled, enthusiastic, and highly qualified professionals who seek a rewarding professional experience. As well as academic excellence in their chosen subject area, teaching applicants must also be dedicated to fostering the social, personal, and ethical growth of their students. Teaching applicants must be committed to helping students from diverse cultural backgrounds realise their full potential.

Applicants should have teaching experience in the secondary sector and preferably hold an advanced degree. Teachers with IB and IGCSE experience are preferred and encouraged to apply.

If you are an enthusiastic educator, committed to helping young people grow to be outstanding citizens, and you are looking for a rewarding professional experience teaching in a newly established school, please submit a letter of application and a résumé to [email protected]

You are welcome to contact us any time,
to request more information