Admissions and Fees

Admission Process

1. The Expression of Interest Form is to be submitted with the following:

  • 2 years previous school report
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of passport
  • School recommendation letter

2. Appointment will then be made for the entrance assessments.

3. Once acceptance is confirmed, the Enrolment process will begin.

Contact our Admission Officer
Angela Besegue Pirogue
[email protected]


Fee structure 2024
Application Fee / Entrance Examination FeeRs 3,500
Enrolment fees *
Citizens Enrolment Fee Rs 50,000
Non-Citizens Enrolment FeeRs 65,000
Form 1-3 (CLS)Rs 50,700
Form 4-5 (IGCSE)Rs 54,300
Form 6-7 (IBDP)Rs 65,400
Form 1-3 (CLS)Rs 66,900
Form 4-5 (IGCSE)Rs 70,500
Form 6-7 (IBDP)Rs 81,000
Forms 1 – 3 - CLS (Rs 16,900*12 months)Rs 202,800
Forms 4 - 5 - IGCSE (Rs 18,100*12 months)Rs 217,200
Forms 6 - 7 - IBDP (Rs 21,800*12 months)Rs 261,600
Forms 1 - 3 - CLS (Rs 22,300*12 months) Rs 267,600
Forms 4 - 5 - IGCSE (Rs 23,500*12 months) Rs 282,000
Forms 6 - 7 - IBDP (Rs 27,000*12 months) Rs 324,000
Subscriptions (Ebooks, etc…) Rs 1,500
Annual School Camp &/or OutingRs 500
Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) Rs 300
Contribution for YearbookRs 500
Sponsor a childRs 2,400
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) Rs 450
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award T-Shirts Rs 350
House T-Shirts Rs 350
Swimming Caps Rs 200
House Pins Rs 200
LockersRs 300
* Registration and enrolment fees are one-off and non-refundable.
** Mauritians include any children with at least one parent holding a Mauritian passport.

May we remind you that school fees are exclusive of textbooks and school material.

Rekha Panchoo
[email protected]

Pascaline Olivier
[email protected]


Annual payment of school benefits from a 5% discount.
Owners of memberships will benefit from discounts as per the type of membership bought.


School fees are to be paid by the start of each month, or year or term (depending on the  choice of instalment). 

  • Monthly payment: All parents choosing this option must complete a standing order form and drop it at their respective banks. The standing order form is sent via email by the school accountant.

Monthly fees are due for payment by the 3rd of each month. Monthly fees are over 12 months (January to December). 

  • Annual payment: 5% discount applies to the annual payment of school fees. To benefit from this discount, the annual payment must be settled on or before the 31st December of the previous school year. 

For reconciliation purposes, please put down your child’s name as the reference when transferring funds or setting up  a standing order. Please email proof of payment to the school. Cash lodgements are not permitted.


Other fees:  Students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh programme : Rs 450 yearly

  • Duke of Edinburgh T-Shirts During the year, the T-shirts will be sold through the pupils’ Homeroom teacher to those students going on the DofE expeditions.  Cost: Rs 350            
  • Form 3 school camping: Rs 300 yearly 
  • Locker rental Pupils who wish to rent a locker for the year will be able to do so at the beginning of the school  year through their Homeroom teachers. The cost for the year: Rs 300


  • House T-Shirt: All WISS pupils are assigned to a House. They are informed of the House they belong to on  their  first  day at WISS. During the first week of school, the T-shirts will be sold through the pupils’ Homeroom teacher. Cost: Rs 350


 Examination Fees:

Please note that IGCSE and IBDP examination fees are borne by parents and usually calculated and billed at the time of registration a couple of months before the relevant examinations. French first language for the IGCSE is held at the May session of the examination while other subjects are taken in October/November. The examination fees are communicated through the Mauritius Examination Syndicate (MES).

Additional incidental charges will apply for some activities and will be charged separately. Examples of these charges are (but not limited to): online textbooks, transport fees.


Student Assistance Fund:

On the Head of School’s recommendation, a less advantaged child can benefit from the Student Assistance fund. It will cover the enrolment fee and look to assist in other financial areas as deemed necessary. The decision is based on demonstrated financial need as evidenced by an application and documented proof of revenue.

You are welcome to contact us any time,
to request more information