Admissions and Fees

Admission Process

1. The Expression of Interest Form is to be submitted with the following:

  • 2 years previous school report
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of passport
  • School recommendation letter

2. Appointment will then be made for the entrance assessments.

3. Once acceptance is confirmed, the Enrolment process will begin.

Contact our Admission Officer
Mrs Angela Besegue Pirogue
[email protected]


Fee structure 2022
Registration fee *
Rs 3,500
Enrolment fees *
MauritiansRs 50,000
**InternationalsRs 65,000
School Fees:
Monthly fees CLS
Forms 1 - 3
Mauritians citizensRs 14,000 x 12
International citizensRs 19,000 x 12
Monthly fees IGCSE
Forms 4 -5
Mauritians citizensRs 15,000x 12
International citizensRs 20,000 x 12
Monthly fees IB
Forms 6
Mauritians citizensRs18,000 x 12
International citizensRs23.000 x 12
* Registration and enrolment fees are one-off and non-refundable.
** Mauritians include any children with at least one parent holding a Mauritian passport.

Contact our School Accountant
Ms Joana Samouilhan
[email protected]

Contact our School Accountant
Mrs Rekha Panchoo
[email protected]


School fee payment in advance benefits from a discount:
– Annual payment: 5% discount.

You are welcome to contact us any time,
to request more information