Regular involvement in physical activity has been proven to increase test performance, raise self-esteem, reduce the incidence of life threatening disease and produce a positive impact on the social and emotional well-being of an individual.

When students maintain adequate levels of physical fitness and make healthy choices, the conditions and opportunities for learning also increase. For these reasons, Health and Physical Education plays an integral role in a comprehensive educational program.

WISS is dedicated to providing its students with enriching opportunities that will improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through its extensive sporting program.

The students are encouraged to develop their skills and talents, improving both as individuals and within a team framework. The sports programme is also about forming friendships, developing sportsmanship, improving self-esteem, self-discipline, understanding teamwork, physical fitness and enjoying our unique WISS school spirit.

We believe that Physical education should, whenever possible, be coordinated with other curricular areas (i.e. social studies, science, music, etc.). We offer activities such as hiking in the Black River Gorges that is coordinated with the science and geography department.

The ultimate test of success is for our graduates to be healthy, active adults, who make good, informed decisions about the activities they participate in, and also to have good sportsmanship and be good participants as well as spectators.

Different school events will take place throughout the year for students and their families: the Swimming Gala, the Sports Day and the Cross Country.


Our students also get the opportunity to represent the school to intercolleges competitions for cross country, swimming and athletics. Try-outs are conducted prior to all major events and those students who are selected to be part of the team have the chance to train together before the event. The team will take part in friendly matches against other schools, as well as National level competitions. Any practice time is after school hours, and is free of charge.


WISS offers various facilities to the students; outdoor basketball court, football field, volleyball and table tennis areas. WISS is also expected to have a Multipurpose Hall in the future phase of constructions.

WISS has a partnership with the Unicity Sports, Recreation and Aquatic Centre. Through this partnership, students can enjoy various facilities for their PE classes and team practice sessions such as a 50m Olympic pool, tennis courts, football fields, rugby fields, running track and gym facilities, all at walking distance from the school. More information on the centre can be found on

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