Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Marie-Hélène Ulcoq
Head of School

Marie Hélène is focused on delivering academic excellence and balance, is committed towards inclusion and diversity, encourages restorative classroom practices, and is dedicated towards developing intercultural understanding, international mindedness, and ethics. 

She has local and international experience in two main professional sectors, namely, the insurance, loss adjusting and risk management sector, and the education sector, which has been her passion from a very young age. 

She is a well-known badminton player, who has represented Mauritius at many international competitions, and she embraces and fosters sporting values such as fairness, teambuilding, discipline, inclusion, and perseverance. 

Marie Hélène is what she calls a lifelong learner, and she is passionate about educational research and leadership. She was awarded a ‘Masters of Professional Studies in Education’ with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland, New Zealand; and applies theories in her practice. 

Her mission is to ensure that learners are given the opportunities, tools, and encouragement to reach their full potential, and to protect, lead, guide and serve the interests and needs of the whole WISS community.

Email: [email protected]

Flavio Jacquin
Head of Academics

Flavio has 25 years of experience as an educator with international experience. In his role as the Head of Academics of WISS, Flavio provides strategic leadership for the holistic development of our students; further strengthens connections between the three programmes, CLS, IGCSE and IBDP and between all the departments.

Email: [email protected]

Julia Gourel de Saint Pern
School Manager

The School Manager, Julia Gourel de Saint Pern is also the co-founder of the school. She is dedicated and passionate about Education. She strives to create engaging learning environments respectful of physical limitations, cultural diversity, special education needs and gender equity to optimise student success.

Email: [email protected]

Programme Coordinators

Shaheen Mohamed
CLS Coordinator
[email protected]

Nagesra Ramdoo
IGCSE Coordinator
[email protected]

Christina Appadoo
IBDP Coordinator
[email protected]

Head of Departments

Marie Sen Siong
Head of Maths
[email protected]

Joana Ramasamy
Head of French
[email protected]

Meghan Luchmaya
Head of English & Drama
[email protected]

Clarel Soucient
Head of Physical Education
[email protected]


Avinash Ghurhoo
Head of IT and Technology Administrator
[email protected]

Arounen Poinen
Head of Science
[email protected]

Nishal Jaddoo
Head of Humanities
[email protected]

Krisnen Chinnien
Designated Head of Creative Department
[email protected]

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