Westcoast International Primary School (WIPS), welcomes learners of all nationalities seeking to benefit from a rigorous, international English-language education. Students are admitted who, in the school’s opinion, will benefit from the academic, personal, social and emotional programmes offered by the school and respect the school’s programmes and ideals.

We take our responsibility for your child’s academic, social and emotional growth very seriously. In order to serve your child’s individual needs and to support his or her transition to our school, it is important that we have complete information regarding previous academic experience.

Admissions Process

Student admission is facilitated by our online admissions system, ‘Open Apply’. The first step is to fill in an ‘Expression of Interest Form’. This form requires that the child’s parent or legal guardian accept the school’s ‘General Terms and Conditions of Enrolment’. Once a seat becomes available, you will be requested to fill in a registration form and pay a non-refundable registration fee. To ensure that WIPS can meet a student’s learning needs, comprehensive information must also be provided, along with the Registration Form and Registration Fee, before he/she is admitted. When these documents have been received, the Application is reviewed by the Principal and other Leaders of learning in the school. In some cases, additional information may be requested or testing may also be required prior to this decision. Given our inclusive mission, Westcoast International Primary School will make all efforts to accommodate children with different learning needs and styles.


Fee Structure 2021

Registration fee*
Rs 3,500


Enrolment fee*
Mauritian nationals*** – Rs 50,000
International students – Rs 60,000


Refundable deposit
Equivalent to three months’ school fees.

Monthly fees**
Mauritian nationals*** – Rs12,350
International students – Rs17,250


* Registration and enrolment fees are one-off and non-refundable.

* School fees are inclusive of books, use of equipment and annual fees for stationery and swimming.

** Mauritian nationals include any children with at least one parent holding a Mauritian passport.


School fee payment in advance benefits from a discount:
– Annual payment: 7% discount
– Termly payment: 1% discount


Sibling enrolment discount:
• A discount of 10% (second child) and 20% (third and subsequent children) applies to enrolment fees only.


Additional Charges
Additional incidental charges will apply for some activities and will be charged separately. Examples of these charges are (but not limited to): field trips, bus fees and special events. Special intervention from our inclusion team to support the learning of individual children will also be charged at an additional fee. 




  • School fees are to be paid in advance by the start of each month, term or year (depending on your choice of instalment). We work on a 12-month basis.

Monthly payment:  due on or before the third day of the month

  • Termly payment: Due on or before 3 January (four months’ fees), 3 May (four months’ fees) and 3 September (four months’ fees)
  • Annual payment:  due on or before 31 December

For reconciliation purposes, please put down the child’s name as the beneficiary when transferring funds or setting up a standing order, and email proof of payment to the school. Cash lodgements are not permitted.

Bursaries & Scholarship

On the Head of School’s recommendation a foundation scholarship may be awarded to a less advantaged child from Black River. It will guarantee a place in the school as well as cover the enrolment fees and look to assist in other financial areas as deemed necessary.

You are welcome to contact us any time,
to request more information