School Life

The Uniform

Uniform is compulsory as it gives the children a sense of neatness, belonging, structure, discipline, seriousness towards school work and added personal security on and off the premises. The style of our uniform reflects the Mauritian climate and lifestyle as well as providing protection from the sun.

Children are expected to come to school neatly and dressed in the correct uniform at all times (with the exception of dress-up days), including when travelling to and from school and when attending functions or events outside school.  Please note that no departure in style, manufacturer or type of material is permissible. Boys wear a white shirt with khaki shorts, whereas girls wear a white blouse and khaki skorts (skirt/shorts combination). All children are required to wear plain white socks. Footwear is plain-coloured sports shoes or other suitable closed shoes. The sports kit consists of a khaki T-shirt and navy sports shorts. A navy tracksuit is optional for the cooler winter months. To protect them from the harmful rays of the sun, children are required to wear their khaki cap at all times – and without exception – when outdoors.

All students are required to use rucksacks, cooler bags and book bags with the WIPS embroidered logo.

All items can be purchased at : School Shop Unlimited Uniforms Ltd. Address: La Colline Commercial Centre, Candos, Quatre Bornes (Opposite to Victoria/Candos Hospital). Telephone: +230 4278046

Trading hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 09h30 – 17h30, Thursday from 09h30 – 13h00 and Saturday from 10h00 – 17h30. (Shop is closed on Sundays and Public Holiday except for the month of January).

Extra Curricular Activities

The various extracurricular activities take place after school hours and focus on building leadership qualities, team spirit, self-awareness, self-confidence and cultural appreciation.

A sample of extracurricular activities are:

Art club, Drama Club, Football, Inline skating, Judo, Pony Riding and Grooming, Gymnastics, Ballet and Cricket.

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