Inclusive Learning

Differentiation refers to the wide variety of resources, teaching styles, classroom engagements and support materials that can be used by teachers to ensure the curriculum is inclusive and accessible to all. At WIPS, differentiation allows all learners to progress and achieve success.

We do this in a number of ways:

  • Differentiation of resources: Use of targeted help sheets or chunking of work; use of extension activities and questions to stretch and challenge learning; use of technologies such as spell checkers, voice recording, specialist software; use of games, multi -sensory materials and specialist programmes
  • Differentiation by task: Provide students of different abilities with varied tasks that are matched to individual student needs. Learning engagements that allow choice and which recognise aptitudes and interests.
  • Differentiation by assistance: Inclusion team teachers & assistants deployed effectively, both in and out of class, peer support and outside expertise (SALTs, Occupation Therapists, Behaviour Management specialists and Counsellors)
  • Differentiation by response / outcome: Using questions that require a greater variety of higher order thinking skills. Allow some student to expand or explore whilst others can describe or summarise. Teaching styles accommodate the range of activities to engage all learners

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