The International Primary Curriculum is at the heart of everything we do at WIPS.

The IPC is a thematic-based curriculum organised into units of work. The IPC learning goals cover subjects that one would expect to find in any curriculum: Science, Geography, History, ICT and Computing, Music, Art, Physical Education, Society and Technology.

Each unit covers a particular topic area, for example, Year 3 students learn through the Active Planet unit. The structure of the lessons involves learners spending several days or even weeks studying the scientific aspects of earthquakes and volcanoes, which may be followed by several days learning through the perspective of Geography or History. The subjects are studied in blocks rather than the ‘one-hour-a-week’ method. It may be the case that a particular unit does not cover all curriculum areas, but as a whole, curriculum coverage is balanced throughout the units and mileposts.

The IPC takes a truly global perspective and international learning goals are aimed at providing each child with an international mindset to help them understand and celebrate each other’s differences and similarities. An international element to each unit of work is incorporated within the curriculum. These learning goals, alongside the personal learning goals and core values, promote international mindedness within the classroom and beyond.

The IPC follows a distinct process of learning which provides a structured approach ensuring learners engage in a stimulating brain-friendly learning experience. The entry point provides the hook, an engaging experience to get the learners involved. The knowledge harvest allows learners to reflect on what they already know and what they would like to find out. When explaining the theme learners get the ‘big picture’ and know what they will be doing in each subject area. During subject research and record activities the students have the opportunity to build on their knowledge, skills and understanding. The exit point is an opportunity for students to reflect and celebrate their learning, and to share it with the community.

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