At Westcoast International Primary School, we aim to provide an exciting and stimulating mathematics curriculum which caters for the needs of all abilities and cultures.

We focus on Mathematical reasoning which is a critical skill that enables children to make use of all the other mathematical skills. Lessons are carefully planned to enable every child the opportunity to develop a contextual understanding of the subject. Children will learn a range of strategies to help them in their journey throughout the school and beyond. Where appropriate maths activities will be incorporated authentically into the IPC Units.

Through mathematics in our school we aim to develop:


  • a fascination and enjoyment of mathematics as a subject in which all children can achieve and be successful
  • the children’s abilities to use and apply mathematics effectively in every-day situations,
  • using specific mathematical vocabulary
  • an ability for children to communicate their ideas both orally and in written form
  • independent, as well as co-operative, ways of working, encouraging children to explore
  • ideas and activities in a variety of group settings
  • the children’s ability to recall number facts quickly and accurately and use appropriate mental and/or written calculation strategies
  • the confidence of our pupils and their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a variety of challenging real life situations
  • children’s logical thinking, reasoning and ability to problem solve as transferable life skills
  • the children’s awareness of mathematics as a powerful tool that has applications both inside and outside of the classroom;
  • the children’s awareness of the broad cultural background of mathematics.


WIPS uses a variety of resources during maths learning rather than following a specific program, including materials from the Shanghai Mathematics Project and First Steps.

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