Our definition of learning

Learning is an individual life-long process through which we develop and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding. When we learn, changes take place in our brain as connections are created and strengthened.

Learning definition for children

When I learn I build knowledge, practise skills and understand more. As I learn I connect new learning with what I’ve learned before. I know I’m learning when:

  • The task is challenging and I’m not always sure what to do. I need to think, ask questions, take risks and try things out.
  • I’m practising something I’ve learned before but I am becoming better and faster at doing it. I know I’m not learning when:
  • I find the task easy. I can complete it quickly without thinking too much.
  • I don’t know how to begin. The task is very difficult for me.

Effective Learning

At WIPS we believe that the purpose of teaching is to facilitate children’s learning in appropriate ways. Teaching and learning is planned to be enjoyable for children and adults alike. We believe learners will be successful when:

  • They feel happy and secure in their environment
  • They are motivated and involved in their own learning
  • They know what they are learning and what success looks like
  • They are learning at an appropriate level with a balance of challenge and success
  • They are able to assess their learning and know what they need to improve

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